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Ernst Hofer

1 Reviews
South Tyrol, Italy

Ernst is the owner of the Lancherof Farm in Lana, South Tyrol. Their apple orchard is 6 hectares large and they are leasing another 2.5 hectare piece of land in order to plant more apples!

Lancherof Farm has been run by Ernst's family for over 180 years. He geniunely enjoys being a full-time farmer and together with his son, and wife who looks after their holiday apartments and guests, they are a great family.

"You are your own boss and that is the best thing," says Ernst. He loves the fact that nobody tells him what he needs to do but he is well aware of the responsibility he has as a farmer.

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Rock Z

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Mar 26, 2019
I'm very happy with my new apples. All 6 looks alive a well. There are a lot bigger than I expected them to be.. they were well-packaged.. I'm pleased with what I received thank you.. 5 stars...
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